70 years of ideas

From the very start Alpes-Inox has always pursued a system of tangible values: functionality, essentiality and durability. Inspired by these principles, Alpes-Inox has been able
to interpret and anticipate the evolution of society, the change and transformation of the kitchen space. Over the years, the company has designed and manufactured new products, improved the existing ones and invented new solutions that are always out of the ordinary schemes.


The “american” kitchen The first product was a sink cabinet. The sink had high-resistance bright white porcelain; the cabinet was made of Sendzimir galvanized sheet enamelled in the oven. Shortly afterwards, corner elements, wall units, hoods, wardrobes, tables and chairs were added to the collection. The new “Handsome” modular kitchen was born.


The first stainless steel sinkIn 1960 Alpes-Inox decided to work only with stainless steel, the material that will characterize the company forever.


Alpes-Inox” collection A fruitful collaboration begins with many kitchen manufacturers of the time, such as RB Rossana, Boffi, Schiffini.


the first stainless steel oven The entire oven monolithic baking chamber, trays, grill, spit, door, inner door, control panel, athermic handle as well
as its accessories are made of 19/10 nickel-chrome stainless steel with silver satin finish.


Arcipelago Exposition on 26th September 1972 in collaboration with designer Giancarlo Iliprandi and RB Rossana at MoMA in New York.


Nasce il programma mini inox “tempo libero” Una gamma molto vasta di prodotti, tutti in acciaio inox AISI 304, destinati al settore nautico e agli spazi domestici molto piccoli.


The first burner with primary air supply The burner (pan support, flame divider, Venturi tube) is all made of 19/10 stainless steel and operates using primary air. The air, necessary for the gas/air mixing, no longer comes from the case below which contains all the mechanisms, but from the top, therefore each individual burner is completely isolated, watertight from the case that houses it and self-supplied with primary air; thus, possible shutdowns are avoided.


The discovery of the corner area. The corner, an often problematic, neglected or poorly used space, becomes an ergonomic and functional area: the range comprises a corner sink, a corner hob and a corner unit with sink and hob.


The first oven with cool door and pull-out stainless steel cooking chamber. The door is cooled down by ambient air forced up through the inner and outer panes of glass. The inner walls of the cooking chamber can be pulled out to easily clean them.


Flip-up hobs. Flip-up hobs are installed on the kitchen countertop. When they’re not in use, they can be flipped up to create a larger working space. The product received from ADI (Association for Industrial Design) the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Design Award.


Exhaust system SEAThe exhaust system SEA is a professional appliance suitable for large cooking area and heavily used kitchen. Powerful and silent with its four speeds, it’s equipped with an innovative authomatic switch- off and it’s produced in two versions, extractor and air-cleaning. The domestic and industrial charm of this functional design product has been recognized with the honorable mention by ADI Compasso d’Oro Award in 1998.


Waste sorting unit Thanks to the waste sorting units and other dedicated accessories, Alpes-Inox sinks become a multitasking working space that combines the functions of washing, food preparation, storage and differentiated waste disposal.


The only sink with stainless steel drain The drainage unit is made of 19/10 nickel-chrome stainless steel to ensure the utmost hygiene and durability. It consists of drain, filter, overflow, plug and plug control knob.


Dietetic kitchen The steamer is a prodigious, healthful cooking machine. The pan comes with a drip basin, two interchangeable perforated steamer trays of different capacity, and a lid with a filter.


Collection “strumenti d’oggi” countertop hobs Countertop hobs are installed by simply placing them on the kitchen countertop and they do not require any drilling into the countertop. A project without installation restrictions.


“Liberi in cucina” collection in launched A new project for stainless steel freestanding kitchen, customizable according to one’s space, taste and needs. Every element is self-sufficient and combines all the major functions of the kitchen: washing, preparation, cooking and storage.


The kitchens go out Alpes-Inox outdoor units make it possible to slide the kitchen easily out of the house: they are elegant and masterful kitchen carts designed to bring together, in a compact block that can
be configured on request, all the tools required to cook, grill and fry en plein air, in the garden or on the poolside. Outdoor product range: new breakthroughs for the kitchen.


Freestanding kitchen Designed for those who wants to freely invent, plan and create without compromise their very own personal kitchen idea. It’s a multitasking working space that combines the functions of washing, cooking, food preparation, storage and differentiated waste disposal. Every element is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish; the material that guarantees the best hygiene and resistance.