Strumenti d’oggi

“Today’s Tools” is the Alpes-inox collection of kitchen equipment. The result of 70 years of research and refinement at the highest level and always strictly in stainless steel. Bowls, sinks, hobs, ovens, hoods and accessories have been conceived and designed through a detailed study of the movements and gestures of everyday life in the kitchen. This in-depth assessment of ergonomics and materials has resulted in a collection of products designed to make contemporary domestic living easier, safer and more enjoyable. The extraordinary hygiene, resistance and brilliance characteristics guaranteed by stainless steel, with its famous silver finish, are combined by Alpes-Inox with a rigorous and efficient design with meticulous attention to the smallest detail. The absence of sharp edges and the harmonious shapes characterise the design of all the pieces, while the most interesting innovations in terms of sustainability and safety are concealed inside each product. Today’s Tools is a wide, complete and innovative range of kitchen solutions capable of meeting all the needs of everyday living, with a distinctive style guaranteed by the functional beauty of stainless steel.
The result of 70 years of research and development.


The washing surface is no longer a single-function area but a multitasking operating space in which washing, preparation, containment and disposal of waste come together. The Alpes-Inox worktops are among the forerunners of this new kitchen concept.
Deep vertical walls enclosed by soundproof walls mean professional solutions and greater capacity and efficiency. The variety of models on offer and the dedicated range of accessories exponentially increase combination possibilities. The washing surface becomes a flexible and organised space that can be tailored to different needs and habits.


Cooking is the centre of gravity of the kitchen. All the preparation activities are dedicated to cooking. Alpes-Inox has always paid special attention to technological solutions, exploring the different nuances, optimising energy control and introducing the most advanced safety options.
Alpes hobs are innovative, reliable and elegant.
As with all Alpes products, aesthetics follows functionality. The typical four support blades on the cooking rings are the recognisable signature of the Alpes design and ensure perfect stability.
The inclination of the control dashboard makes it easier to operate the selection knobs and protects them from overheating.
The introduction of the dual kw 4.50 triple crown, cast iron grills and induction, enhances the range of options in the cooking area.

Air extraction

In domestic environments of all sizes, air quality is crucial in determining the comfort levels of a home. As the kitchen is the primary place where smells and odours are generated, it is essential to ensure adequate air exchange. The three Alpes extraction systems feature specific characteristics introduced to cover the entire range of extraction and filtering needs of the contemporary kitchen. Powerful, functional and silent systems with the essential elegance of stainless steel.

The ovens

The ovens are built in AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish. The door with soft-close is equipped by triple glass and does not exceed 50 ° even at high temperatures. Touch control timer and analogue controls for perfect internal temperature control. The large cooking chamber is enamelled for easy cleaning, the internal sliding and total extensibility surfaces facilitate gestures, reducing the possibility of burns and facilitating maintenance and cleaning.


The available kitchen accessories were conceived and have evolved together with the Alpes-lnox washing and cooking system, and have become its most fitting complements.
Accessories increase functionality and working space, facilitating movements, reducing waste and optimising time. Right tools mean better work. Taps, chopping boards, dish drains, bowls, baskets and pans, all contribute to improving and completing washing, preparation and cooking activities, optimising everyday life in the kitchen.