Built-in hobs

Gas hobs with different measures and powers to satisfy every type of cooking. The pan support grid is Alpes-Inox best-known signature and allows perfect stability. The inclination of the control panel makes it easier to manoeuvre the knobs, protecting them from overheating. Burners (consisting of pan support, burner, flame divider and Venturi tube), knobs and casing containing the electrical-gas system are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish. It’s possible to remove knobs, control panel and gas burners to lift the top of the hob and easily perform maintenance inside. Dual triple crown burner has a power of 4,5 Kw and it’s ideal for rapid cooking. The separate control of the inner and outer crown makes it possible to use pots and pans of small and large diameter.

Flip-up hobs

The flip-up hobs are a great intuition of Alpes-Inox and probably the most famous product of the company: once they’re flipped-up at 90°, they free the working space below for other operations. Designed by Nico Moretto, the flip-up hobs were given in the 1998 the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award and included in the historical collection of the award society. They are equipped with a number of gas burners ranging from two to five, they can be gas or induction and can be coupled and assembled in absolute freedom thanks to the incredibly easy installation.

Countertop hobs

The elegance of a control panel that dominates the countertop and places the burners on a pedestal. To the influential design of the countertop hobs one has to add the great simplicity of installation: by simply lying on the countertop and housing all the mechanisms in the 5 cm thick stainless-steel body, the hobs need only a small hole for the electrical-gas connection.