GA hoods

Whatever your house size is, the air quality is essential to determine the comfort. Since the kitchen is the place where perfumes and smells are generated, its important to guarantee an adequate air exchange. The three Alpes-Inox hood systems have been designed to meet every modern kitchens extraction and air-cleaning needs. Powerful and functional products with the innate elegance of stainless steel.

CFE hoods with extendable filter

The filtering surface of the hood is a suction steel blade that extends above the work surface, to re-enter the body at the end of use. The amazing silence of the device is supported by the ease of disassembly, maintenance and cleaning of the filters and elements. It is available in both the suction and purifying versions.

SEA hoods

The Sea extraction system is a professional machine suitable for large cooking organizations and busy kitchens. Powerful and silent in its four speeds, it has an innovative automatic shut-off system, it can be suction (external air exhaust) or suction/purifying (recycle of purified air). The majestic and industrial charm of this functional design object was recognized with the Honorable Mention at the ADI Compasso d'Oro Award.

Electronic extractor hoods with one motor

SEA extractor hoods with two fans