Countertop cooktops and sinks revolutionary design

Appliances become furnishing objects. “Support” is a concept that lolo Alpes Inox, thanks to the elegance of the lines and the quality of the materials used, has managed to develop

The elegance of a control panel that dominates the countertop and places the burners on a pedestal. To the influential design of the countertop hobs one has to add the great simplicity of installation: by simply lying on the countertop and housing all the mechanisms in the 5 cm thick stainless-steel body, the hobs need only a small hole for the electrical-gas connection.

The countertop sinks have been designed to enhance the scenic presence of the washing area, which stands out on the work surface as a self-sufficient operating console. A multitasking working space that combines washing, preparation, storage and waste disposal. The accessory kit constitutes its ideal support. Countertop sinks are installed on the kitchen countertop. An edge 5,5 cm high remains visible on the kitchen countertop. The reduced height of the long bowl allows the dishwasher to be installed underneath it.