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S/steel left or right washing element 190cm wide, 65cm deep, 90/95cm high.
A5-5158/1V81V2C weld-in countertop sink 158cm wide with 70cm basin, 50cm bowl and integrated waste sorting unit.
MCR 25+CRL s/steel mixer with pull-out spray and separate lever.
TP 40X50 polyethylene chopping board (link/menu a tendina).
S/steel dishwasher panel 60cm wide. Dishwasher NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.
Two drawers 120cm wide with s/steel waste bins for upper and bottom drawer.

The washing element can be equipped differently: without dishwasher, with 60cm and 90cm drawers or three 60cm doors. Different bowls, sinks and mixers can be integrated in the element.

Information request L190-L60+C120/1

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